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Travel to Zaragoza

By Plane

1. Zaragoza Airport

ZARAGOZA AIRPORT is located 10 km outside the city. Zaragoza Airport is connected to the city centre by buses which run every half an hour (every hour on Sundays) from 6,15 am to 23,15 pm. The journey takes between 20 and 30 minutes and you will be charged 1,85 euros for a single ticket. For further information www.consorciozaragoza.es/lineas_horarios.php.

You can also take a taxi. The fare is around 25€. Taxis stop just in front of the arrivals terminal. Reservation by phone: 976 751 515, 976 383 838 and 976 424 242.

The main carriers with flights to Zaragoza:

    • Ryanair (with flights from Paris (Beauvais), Brussels (Charleroi), Milan (Bergamo), London (Stansted))
    • Air Horizon (with flights from Munich, Roma, Alicante, Sevilla)
    • Wizzair (with flights from Bucarest, Napona)
    • Volotea (with flights from Mahon, Ibiza, Mallorca)
    • AirEuropa

2. Other nearby airports

As most flights to Zaragoza only run once a day, it is sometimes more convenient to fly to Madrid or Barcelona airports, from where you can reach Zaragoza in less than 3 hours. 

i. Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport 

From Madrid Barajas Airport: go to Atocha RENFE train station either by taxi (30 minutes, around €30) or by metro (45 minutes, around €4,5) or by train (Signed posted as "Cercanias" leaving from T4 and takes around 40 mins) and then take the high speed train AVE to Zaragoza (1h30, around €50). A cheaper but not so comfortable alternative is taking a coach from company ALSA that runs between Barajas terminal T4 and Zaragoza every 2-3 hours (3h45 trip, single/return: €15/€26). If you are in terminals T1 T2 or T3, take the free airport bus shuttle to terminal T4. The bus to Zaragoza stops in the same place as the airport shuttle. Yes, there are no ticket counters, information posts, or timetables, but place yourself with your back towards the T4 terminal exit, look at your right and you will see the ticket vending machine of ALSA. 

ii.From Barcelona El Prat Airport

The easiest way is to take the half-hourly RENFE C-10 suburban train from T2(if you arrive at T1 there is an airport bus which takes you to T2 station) to Barcelona Sants (20 minutes, around €4.50), and then take the high speed train AVE to Zaragoza (1h45, around €60).

NOTE: If you already have your AVE train ticket, you can get the suburban train ticket ("Cercanias") for free in the automatic vending machines, by typing the code for “CombinadoCercanías” that appears on your AVE ticket. 






By Train or Bus

If you have to travel to or from Zaragoza to any other place by train or by bus, there is a central station connected to the city centre and the airport by a bus line.

For further information: 



You can download here the application form for a discount for train tickets for participants attending the ECNS - 2015.

Address: Estación Zaragoza Delicias, Avda de Navarra, 80. 

Tel: 976 700 599 (bus information) and 902 320 320 (Renfe).

Once at Zaragoza Delicias Station take a taxi to get to the Auditorio de Zaragoza or your hotel. The cost to the center of Zaragoza is usually around 12€. Alternatively take the number 42 bus or Ci2 buses to the Auditorio de Zaragoza. For further details of Zaragoza's bus routes please see http://www.urbanosdezaragoza.es/comoira_gt_zgz.php.  


By Car

From Barcelona to Zaragoza by Car

The 300km drive from Barcelona to Zaragoza takes about 3h. You will spend most of the journey on the AP-2. Remember that AP roads are toll roads.

From Madrid to Zaragoza by Car

The 320km journey from Madrid to Zaragoza takes about 3h30, traveling mainly on the A-2.